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  • "Java isn't just for web sites. Java is a programming language that lets you do almost anything you can do with a traditional programming langauge like Fortran or C++. However Java has learned from the mistakes of its predecessors. It is considerably cleaner and easier to use than those languages.
  • As a language Java is
    • Simple: Java has the bare bones functionality needed to implement its rich feature set. It does not add lots of syntactic sugar or unnecessary features.
    • Object-Oriented: Almost everything in Java is either a class, a method or an object. Only the most basic primitive operations and data types (int, for, while, etc.) are at a sub-object level.
    • Platform Independent: Java programs are compiled to a byte code format that can be read and run by interpreters on many platforms including Windows 95, Windows NT, and Solaris 2.3 and later.
    • Safe: Java code can be executed in an environment that prohibits it from introducing viruses, deleting or modifying files, or otherwise performing data destroying and computer crashing operations.
    • High Performance: Java can be compiled on the fly with a Just-In-Time compiler (JIT) to code that rivals C++ in speed.
    • Multi-Threaded: Java is inherently multi-threaded. A single Java program can have many different things processing independently and continuously." (Elliotte Rusty Harold)

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